Great spaces start with great designs. We highly recommend to our clients that they first commission a design for their space, if they don’t already have one.  A clear and concise design ensures that everyone is on the same page. Our drawings will allow you to visualize your finished project before beginning production.  It also allows for more accurate pricing.  So many details can be overlooked and added as extras later with traditional cabinet shops. At Clean Cut, the final price is just that! The only exception being if anything is changed post approval, or during production.

Clients are also given 3D rendered images of their designs. This is the ultimate tool to help visualize the finished project. Check out some 3D designs for some of our clients below!

We strive to nail the design in the first round, with minor changes to dimensions or placement, but sometimes there are some revisions to be made. We typically offer up to 3 design revisions included in the design fee or within the whole scope of the project.

Design is offered as a separate service so that our client does not feel that they are locked in to a commitment, but moving forward with the project, that fee then becomes a portion paid of the total project value.

But other Companies offer free design?? Why don’t you?…. you ask…

Other typical programs are more basic and only create standard box units and basic/traditional layouts.  Simply enter numbers and out pops a design!

Well, we take pride in our ‘custom’ designs and use top of the line software to create them – allowing for unlimited possibilities. This of course takes valuable time and expertise.


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